Optimise staff operations in your retail business with tamigo
Optimise staff operations in your retail business with tamigo

tamigo Workforce Management enables you to make the right decisions for your retail business – both short term and long term.


Replace time-consuming administration with automated processes: From shift planning and registration of hours, to budgeting and payroll. Gain transparency of future staffing, wage costs and revenue in your store(s) – all in ONE solution.

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5 ways retailers benefit from tamigo

– Avoid being understaffed for optimal performance. Based on data, tamigo can help you forecast and schedule the right amount of staff, taking factors such as season and time of day into 


Real time data for better benchmarking. Easily benchmark all stores and departments based on productivity, wage percentage, etc., calculated from real time data.


Ensure correct wages – every time! All staff can use tamigo’s time clock to register their actual work hours. tamigo then calculates the wages in accordance with overtime, specific contracts and other factors, benefitting you and your staff.


Manage and optimise labour costs. With tamigo, you always know what your schedules cost and whether the rota you’ve planned isfinancially favourable across all departments and locations.


– Smarter shift planning. Easily create, edit and publish shift plans, or save time by using schedule templates. Employees are kept up-to-date when their shift has been updated, so you can focus on growing your business.

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When you only have young people employed, it is a huge plus that communication about the schedule and shift exchange takes place via text message on tamigo's user friendly app.

Anita Møllebro
Retail Design Manager, Lakrids by Johan Bülow