Online time clock for retail, restaurants and hotels

Online time clock for retail, restaurants and hotels

The online time clock, tamigo Touch, is an intuitive way for you to track your employees’ work time and shifts. Your employees can clock in and out via our app on any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or Point of Sales (POS) system, registering the hours they’ve actually worked in their timesheet.

Tracking employees' work hours gives you an overview of who is at work and whether anybody is late for their shift. It enables you to compare accurate labour costs and time and attendance data across different stores and departments, by looking at hours that have been planned and actual hours that have been worked.

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Man checking in on tablet photo
Man checking in on tablet photo

4 benefits of a digital time clock

  • With a reliable attendance management system, you only pay for actual hours worked (not the shift that was originally planned) and you can compare the worked hours with the original employee schedule
  • Once your employees have checked in, tamigo automatically adds breaks and rounding rules to their shifts
  • Know who is at work at any given time, and get real-time alerts if somebody is late
  • By sending accurate timesheets to your payroll system, your payroll department will always make the right wage payments based on correct data
Touch screenshot

tamigo automatically corrects the start time of the shifts to the scheduled hours even though people try to come in early to get extra hours. In this way, correct wage payments are guaranteed.

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tamigo: We do workforce management

tamigo is a cloud-based solution that combines scheduling, absence management, performance, employee communication, HR, finance and forecasting and more in ONE solution. We make workforce management easy, smart, and international to enable you to grow your business:

  • Store and manage all important HR data in tamigo, such as master data, contracts, salaries, competencies, and availability
  • Make schedules based on your company's financial goals and your employees' contracts, qualifications and availability
  • Keep track of absence requests and get a full overview of all absences, such as holidays and sick leave
  • Track actual hours worked, breaks, overtime, etc. in the timesheet and add notes
  • Export correct payroll files to your company's payroll system, with just one click
  • Stay on top of your work and make decisions on the go, wherever you are with the tamigo mobile app
  • Integrate payroll, HRM, POS systems and the like to tamigo.