Workforce management software for restaurant groups

Increase operational efficiency across all your restaurants with tamigo.

Why restaurants choose tamigo

Restaurants are incredibly fast paced. To successfully run a chain or group, you need such a firm handle on company-wide costs, revenue and communication.


That’s why restaurant businesses across Europe use tamigo. To maintain consistent, efficient operations, across every location. And empower every manager and employee to provide excellent customer service.


Standardised and simplified operations

Give your managers a financial framework

tamigo integrates with your POS systems and table booking software, giving managers a clear view of demand in the moment, and for the days ahead.


Planning shifts based on expected number of guests leads to a better customer experience, as there's no risk for over- or understaffing. With every adjustment made to a day, the impacts on costs and KPIs are visible in real-time.

Get complete oversite of every restaurant

tamigo establishes a shared, reliable set of workforce processes, company wide. Whether it's checking wage percentages, approving shift requests or validating worked hours — you know every manager is working in the same way.


Head office has a master view of every restaurant’s scheduling. Managing and optimising labour costs becomes far more proactive.

It is incredibly important that we are able to see what our shift schedules costs while we’re making them. In addition, tamigo accurately display labour costs against revenues across all the restaurants.

Tommy Hvid 

Operations Managers, Stick’n’Sushi 

Better employee experience 

Improve company-wide communication 

In tamigo, managers can:


  • Instantly notify staff of changes to the schedule 
  • Attach notes to shifts (e.g. “remember to push the salmon”) 
  • Upload info about new menu items or recipes 
  • Track employee turnover and absence rates 

Give staff flexibility and clarity 

In the tamigo app, employees can:


  • See the always-up-to-date schedule 
  • Swap shifts or request holidays  
  • Check-in and out with the app’s timeclock 
  • Stay informed on company and restaurant news


“Restaurants are such dynamic environments. Workforce management software acts like an anchor, keeping your costs stable no matter what the day throws at you.”  

Learn how restaurant chains and groups maintain sustainable growth from our CEO Jakob Toftgaard.

The complete WFM package

Shift planning and absence management 

Table booking and payroll software integrations

Wage cost simulation and productivity reports 

Employee app and timeclock

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